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Welcome to Breeze Express Delivery Services, where reliability meets speed! Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with seamless and swift delivery solutions tailored to your convenience. Whether it’s a last-minute package, a special gift, or essential supplies, we’ve got you covered.

Detailed Descriptions of Seven Services of Breeze Express Company Limited

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Budget Delivery for Mandalay

A cost-effective solution for local deliveries within Mandalay at a flat rate of 1000 Kyat. Pick-up is scheduled on the same day, ensuring prompt service. However, delivery is scheduled for the following day. Notably, this service does not support the cash-ondelivery system, emphasizing streamlined transactions


Premium Delivery for Mandalay

Tailored for those seeking flexibility, our Premium Delivery service for Mandalay comes with a delivery charge starting from 1500 Kyat. Senders have the liberty to choose the pick-up time, while receivers can specify their preferred delivery time. This service supports cash-on-delivery, allowing the collection of funds from the receiver and, if needed, sending them back to the sender.


Delivery Buffet

For customers with frequent delivery needs, our Delivery Buffet option offers a comprehensive solution at a fixed daily cost of 35,000 Kyats. This inclusive service ensures unlimited deliveries within a day, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses or individuals with high-frequency delivery requirements.


Door-to-Door Delivery from Mandalay to Other

Our spread-out service covers door-to-door delivery from Mandalay to nearly 300 cities across Myanmar. With a commitment to reliability, we guarantee delivery within one week. Additionally, our service extends to collecting money on behalf of the sender, providing a seamless and trustworthy transaction process for both businesses and individuals. Breeze Express Company Limited is dedicated to offering a diverse range of logistics solutions, ensuring affordability, flexibility, and efficiency in meeting the varied needs of our valued customers.


Moving or Relocating Services

Breeze Express extends its expertise beyond traditional deliveries by offering comprehensive moving services for both residences and offices. Whether relocating within Mandalay or to a different city, our team ensures a seamless transition. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, we handle the logistics of moving, ensuring the safe transport of belongings to their new destination. Our professional approach alleviates the stress of relocation, providing a hassle-free experience for our customers during their significant transitions.


Vehicle Rental Services

In addition to our logistics solutions, Breeze Express offers vehicle rental services, providing customers with options such as Hiace cars, Mini Oways, and Light trucks. These vehicles are available for various purposes, including half-day or full-day trips, highway travel, or exploring destinations across Myanmar. Customers can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of renting our vehicles for personal or business travel needs. Our wellmaintained fleet ensures a comfortable and reliable journey for every trip.


Online Shop Monthly Shopping Package

Breeze Express introduces an exclusive and budget-friendly monthly shopping package tailored specifically for online shops. With this unique offering, online shops can benefit from an affordable solution that streamlines their daily pickups from major dealers effortlessly. By subscribing to Breeze's one-month special package, online shops enjoy the convenience of daily item pickups without incurring additional delivery fees for each transaction. This package alleviates the hassle and cost associated with individual deliveries, enabling online shops to focus on their core operations while entrusting their daily pickups to Breeze Express.

Speed and Efficiency

Breeze Express guarantees swift deliveries with services like Premium Delivery, ensuring both pick-up and delivery align with the preferences of the sender and receiver. Competitive Advantage: Our commitment to speed sets us apart, meeting the urgent needs of our customers and exceeding industry standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Budget Delivery and the innovative Delivery Buffet offer cost-effective options, providing affordability without compromising on quality service. Competitive Advantage: Breeze Express is positioned as a budget-friendly choice, appealing to a wide range of customers seeking efficient yet economical logistics solutions.

Flexible and Convenient Services

Premium Delivery allows senders and receivers to choose pick-up and delivery times, providing flexibility. Delivery Buffet offers unlimited deliveries in a day, catering to varied schedules.

Secure Transactions

Breeze Express supports cash-on-delivery, ensuring secure transactions for Premium Delivery. Additionally, funds can be collected on behalf of the sender for doorto-door deliveries.

Comprehensive Coverage

Door-to-door delivery extends to over 300 cities across Myanmar, offering extensive coverage for businesses and individuals. Competitive Advantage: Breeze Express provides unparalleled accessibility, reaching a broad geographic scope that surpasses many competitors in the logistics industry.

Transparent and Streamlined Processes

Breeze Express emphasizes transparent transactions and streamlined processes, ensuring clear communication and reliable information flow. Competitive Advantage: Our commitment to transparency instills confidence in our customers, distinguishing us as a trustworthy logistics service provider.

Customer-Centric Approach

Breeze Express prioritizes customer satisfaction, evident in the meticulous design of services and the commitment to prompt, reliable, and tailored solutions. Competitive Advantage: A customer-centric philosophy fosters loyalty and positive reviews, differentiating Breeze Express in a competitive market. These unique selling points and competitive advantages collectively position Breeze Express Company Limited as a leading, innovative, and customer-focused player in the logistics industry.

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